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Donate for the COVID-19 Infected People - Organization working for COVID-19

Donate for the COVID-19 Infected People

As we know that COVID-19 is going to destroy the world day by day and no one is able to stop this killing disease and we can think that it will destroy the world in just a year if we will not stop it. its really bad news for everyone.


while COVID-19 is destroying the world , In other hand some people are working to save the people from this killing disease, In one hand where people are lock down at home while in other these people are supplying food to them and taking real risk to their life.

In thsis bad situation we must have to help them if it is possible, we can help individually , just for the sake of prayers of poor family. and for the satisfaction of our hearts, we must think about the poor who are not able to buy anything who do not have food, Today pakistan condition has been very bad, 

In pakistan there is a NGO which is working individually for helping the people and supplying food to them .to know more about ,,read it carefully if you really interested to help people .

Rustic Development Program

It is a non-profit organization which is working about 10 years  in pakistan,Now in these days when COVID-19 is destructing everything , this organization is helping people in pakistan. and supplying food  to the poors . 

It is working in All the cities in pakistan , As a human our responsibility is to support that organizations who are working for humans , If any person from pakistan or any other country want to support it or want to donate anything then he can contact us,. you can contact us by our contact us page or by direct contact to the RDP manager, we are providing you  contact details given below

Conatct details

Email :

whatsapp number : +923044651574

I hope so you will help as much as posisble for the poor people .. if you have any question then cyou can contact us. we will reply you as soon as possible Thanks

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