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How to Earn money by shortening of Link by Shorte website?

How to Earn money by shortening of Link by Shorte website?

Mostly people always use short link to share the knowledge to others like their friends or relative through whatsapp or facebook. but they do not know that they can earn from this a lots of money ,today we will discuss in details.

If you really want to earn by shortening then you are in right place , here is a shortening website who are giving the highest pay rate , The name of this shortening site is, it is the best site who is giving  5 dollars for 1000 clicks.

Now we will discuss how we will earn and how to create account.

Earn from Shortner is a link shortner site who is giving a big amount to their users, while clicking on the link you just need to sign up with this account, by going to their site. just search on google you will find the and simply sign up their by your google account, 

After sign up you just need to share the link with your friend and family or any platform to earn from it. you can sahre it with groups where are thousand of people , like on facebook groups of USA or any other countries. you will find easily on facebook , where thousand of peoples are their.

Or you can share it on whastapp groups. or any other social groups which you like. you can give the link on your youtube discription or . .so in short you can share anywhere where you want , you will must earn through this site.. its our guarantee ,

Withdraw Method?

Withdraw method of this is very simple. you can withdraw from any country , because payoneer is supported , and its working in every country if you are from pakistan then you can easily transfer from your payoneer account to your jazz cash, and easily withdraw it. you can withdraw from paypal also. 

I hope you know that how you can get benefit from this. thanks for reading ..

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