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How to Earn money from adsterra ad network? -Best Adsense Alternative

How to Earn money from adsterra ad network?


Adsense is the number one ad network but its very difficult to approve your site or blog for adsense,So we can use best adsense alternative to earn money,without any restrictions.The payout rate of adsterra is near to the adsense .

A question come in mind that why we are talking about adsterra after adsense ? while there are alots of ads network who are paying . The Ans is beaus adsterra do not need any kind of strict reuirements, you can use it in any kind of site and content.

Difference between Adsesnse and Adsterra

These are some main difference between adsense and adsterra Ad network.

  • Adsense is the googel product and has highest paying rate in the world while adsterra is paying less as compared to adsense.
  • Adsterra is used at any kind of site, any type of content while adsense give restriction and do not work on 18+ sites.
  • Adsterra ads do not require any kind of material .you can implement it anywhere where you want while adsense need to approved first to start .
  • you can add multiple sites on adsterra while you can add limited number of sites on adsense account..
So these are the basic difference between adsense and adsterra , Adsterra is good in some ways because its payout rate is minimum ,, but we can withdraw 5 dollars minimum but while in adsense minimum withdraw amount is 100 dollars that is little bit difficult to achieve.

So we can say that adsterra is the best ad network after adsense . it is best alternative of adsense which we can use anywhere and any type of site , so we can recommend it to everyone, 

I hope you will use adseterra if you are not able to use adsense account.. if you are facing problem ask us in comment box , we will respond you soon as possible. Thanks !

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