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What the things you must need to know before apply for adsense ?

What the things you must need to know before apply for adsense ?

If you want to apply for adsense account and you do not know that your blog or a website is compatible for adsnese then your are on the right place, today we will share with you all the requirements which are require for adsense approval.

As we know that , adsense is a publisher and advertising network which is working worlwide, google hire publishers to publish advertisers material, so before applying for adsense we must think about that our blog is good for advertising or not.

Thing to know

Before applying you must  write 20+ post on your blog or a website with 5 pages like contact us, about , disclaimers ,term & condition ,and privacy policy, , they are very important pages, without these pages you will not getting adsense approval so be focus on creating good pages ,

If you have write 20 posts then your post should be about 300 words plus, because its adsense requirement so create every post greater then 300 words, 

You must need to submit your site on google search console, and must submit your site map their because its necessary to appear your post o google,without submitting you sitemap on google , your post will not appear on google. 

you must add your site on bing, or other search engine., to help to approve your adsnese as soon a spossible, you can visit  to know about how to setup everything,

your post must be unique , not any kind of copyright content is accepted here ,so be patience with your site before applying ,you site must have 500+ unique vistor in a week or a day. 

by following these tips your adsense will must approve.I hope you understand it, you can ask anything in comment section freely. we will reply you as soon as possibke,Thanks

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