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What we have to do to save our adsense account ? Stop invalid activities

What we have to do to save our adsense account ? 

As we know ,adsense is a best advertiser company in the world and have high paying to their publisher because it is a good product ,so we have to save ours elf from invalid activities on our site if we really want earn from this.



Today , we will share you some important aspects which are really helpful to save your adsense ac
count from any kind of invalid activities .so read it carefully to be away from invalid activities on your adsense account .


Stop Invalid Activities

So we can check that what kind of invalid activities we are doing in our site. these invalid activities are given below.

  • The most worst valid activity is when we click on our own ad and think google can not understand us, we use vpn's but unfortunately to say, google pickup our invalid activity and block our adsense account, you account could be suspend for 30 days or permanently by doing invalid clicking.
  • The second invalid activity which we do and think it do not effect on our adsense account is  self watch the ads , we visit our own site to increase impression, it is the bad thing which cause the ads limit on our site. because of ads limit , our site will not show ads and everthing will be finished. so be away from this type of invalid activities.
  • The third invalid activity is invalid traffic ,Never use any robotic traffic and do not get  social traffic on your site like from facebook , instagram etc.. 
These are the invalid activities which can destroy your adsense career .so be away from invalid activity otherwise your adsense will be ban in less than a week.I hope you completely understand .thanks for reading this article! 

if you have any question in your mind then you can ask in comment section which is given below to this article.!

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