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How to make a body without gym

How to make a body without gym?

On this time many people of the world don't strong.They are need a body but don't afford a gym expenses.we are explained how to make a body without gym and make a body at home without money and please read on a article carefully.

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    6 tips to make a body without gym:-

   1. Running

                       Wake up on early in the morning and make a plan for running and make a initial and ending of running. Running start from initial point and run on slowly slowly and complete a first round of running .After first round your body are warm up then you are increase on a running speed ma run on 10 kilometer daily.After running your body part are warm with out gym running machine.

       2. Exercise

                After running start on exercise.First are Squats they are good for body stand with shoulder-width apart and your arm straight in front of you and trying to sit and stand at this position.
    Second are Push ups they are very good for body they work your shoulder, chest and body, place your hand on ground and lower your self and trying on ups and down in this position. Third are  Crunches they are very good for body and they are use for make on six packs. Fourth are Walking Lungs they are very good for body lungs are great for building thing muscles.Fifth are Trips dips they are good for body you are make on 90 degree position and put on hand back on the body and trying to ups and downs.

       3. Healthy Food 

                     After exercise drink on a fresh juice. Eat egg daily and eat meat and eat a vegetables. don't drink a cold drink and don't get a drug. Eat on a banana daily. drink on a milk and fresh juice.fresh juice are very good for body they are provide on a protein.

       4. Sleeping and waking time

                     Most important to make a body with out gym in sleeping and waking tie good. Wake up early in the morning and sleeping on timely and make on a healthy life.

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