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Special drink for whitening of body in just 15 days at home

Special drink for whitening of body in just 15 days at home

Here is a special  full body whitening secret drink by which in just 15 days you'll get the have to drink  this empty stomach in the morning...

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Ingredients to make this drink:

These are some ingredient which you require to make this can buy this from anywhere

  • water : 1&half glass
  • spinach : 5 leaves
  • fennel seeds : 1/2 tsp
  • apple : 1
  • beetroot : half
  • carrot : 1
  • lemon juice: 1 tsp

Method :

  1.  Take an empty sauce pan.
  2. Add one and half glass of water in it.
  3. Put spinach leaves in it
  4. add half tsp of fennel seeds in it
  5. and put it on low flame for 10 mins.
  6. when it starts boiling after 10 mins put this into blender.
  7. Then add an apple into grinder.
  8. Add half beetroot in it.
  9. Add 1 carrot in it.
  10. then blend it
  11. after blending strain it and put it into a glass
  12. then add  1 spoon of lemon juice in it
drink is ready..

Drink this empty stomach in morning regularly .By drinking this you will get results just in fifteen days.

Benfits of Ingredients:

These are some benefits of ingredients which are using in this drink.

Benefit of spinach:

spinach juice contain iron and vitamin K which makes your skin spotless and clear
Spincah has vitamin C &E which prevents our skin from damage

Benefits of  Apple

As we oftenly listen that "An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away"
Apple is very effect for our health as well as skin. Apple has collagen which makes your skin glowing and the anti oxident in apple makes your skin young and healthy.

Benefits of beetroot:

contain potassium zinc iron follic acid and vitamin c which purify your skin and clean your blood and fair your skin.

Benefit of carrot:

carrot has vitamin A which helps to make your skin tone even.

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